VOTE NO School Board Recalls

VOTE NO -on all School Board Recalls.
Support your Public Schools.
Support Democracy.

Recalls undermine the will of voters and the foundations of our democracy. We need your help to continue to provide essential accountable leadership to our public schools. Schools are open and they need stability and leadership with integrity and knowledge of our schools. Support one of the most diverse school boards in the country, the San Francisco Board of Education, made up of a majority of public school educators and parents.


Schools opened now!


Student & Teacher Deaths due to Covid-19 Outbreak in SFUSD Schools


SFUSD Staff Vaccinated

Here are some of the things this Board of Education has accomplished:

  • Is currently giving all SFUSD families the opportunity to choose what is best for their child:
    • Returning to in-person instruction or
    • Online Learning Program (OLP), a program for medically fragile students* or students whose health would be put at risk, and
    • On Demand Learning Program (ODLP), available to a students who do not meet the criteria for the OLP but whose parent/legal guardian is requesting a remote learning option for the Fall of 2021.
  • Provided a robust crisis distance learning program for all students during the first year of the pandemic
  • Provided over 1.2 million meals to families in need during the pandemic
  • Distributed over 15,000 Laptops and WiFi to ensure families had consistent access to online learning.
  • Distributed over 30,00 Learning Kits to students and families
  • Prioritized in person instruction during the spring 2020 for students with special needs and students who would benefit from in-person instruction while giving families the option to remain online.
  • Conducted multiple cycles of wellness checks to support families
  • Ensured all school workers continued to be paid during school closures due to health orders.
  • Supported front line workers with additional pay and supplemental sick leave to allow workers to take care of themselves and family when impacted by Covid-19.
  • Worked to bring equity by initiating and implementing resolutions in support of Black Achievement, Latinx Achievement, Indigenous and Native American Education, Pacific Islander Achievement

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“If we are to be a great democracy, we must all take an active role in our democracy. We must do democracy. That goes far beyond simply casting your vote. We must all actively champion the causes that ensure the common good. .”
– Martin Luther King Jr. III