Why School Board Recalls are Bad for SF

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Hello SF Voters!

We are proud to add the voice of senior statesman and legislator Tom Ammiano, to those saying NO School Board Recall! The attempt to recall the SF Board of Education is wrong in so many ways. Here are the top reasons why you should Vote “No!”
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1. Our children are paying for this recall. It is wasting money that we need for our schools.

2. We lose our electoral voice in this special election
when we already have an election in November.

3. Representation Matters
Our Board of Education represents many San Francisco communities.

Learn about what our
SF Board of Education has accomplished and 

why you should Vote NO Recall

The cost to our children…

Vote NO for all School Board Recalls. Students will have to pay for this recall. SFUSD pays for the special recall election, which will take $5 million-7 million dollars out of school budgets. The board members will be up for election in November, so this is a waste of much needed public school dollars at a time when our school sites are facing cuts and shifting resources to meet the needs of families impacted by COVID.


Our schools are fighting to get the resources we need, We need safe air, nurses and social workers, and our students deserve full-time art teachers, computer teachers, etc. The recall takes money from our students.

Losing your electoral voice…

It’s not an accident that the recall people want a special election. They know that they can’t win in November when you and other San Francisco voters expect an election and will turn out to vote our San Francisco values.

The recall wasn’t able to get enough support to get on the ballot here in SF until they asked for and got corporate Republican money. They couldn’t even find enough paid volunteers to gather signatures and instead had to fly signature gathers in from out of state.

Political appointees are never better than San Francisco having elected leadership.

The special recall election for the San Francisco School Board is even worse than the Governor Newsom recall. It is taking away your voice & your vote. If the recall passes, you don’t get a vote in who will represent you. One person, the Mayor, will appoint the people who replaces them. She will have appointed 4 of a 7 person board.

Across the country in Boston, Chicago and other cities, the people have been demanding (& winning) elected school boards because they know elected leaders are the most accountable to voters.

They want to bypass the normal election process that gives
San Francisco voters the say in who leads our schools.

They know they can’t win in November when everyone turns out. They are expecting that you won’t vote. Historically there is lower voter turnout in special elections and less people will vote, undoing the results of the larger, more participatory election. Whether you agree with every board decision or not, we can all agree that this conservative strategy to recall isn’t the way to pick who represents us.

Representation Matters

You are here in San Francisco because you love the vibrant diversity of our city. You march for Black Lives Matter, to Stop Asian Hate, for Women and Pride. You work with, have conversations and meaningful relationships with people who are different from you, and we find unity in our shared values.

This is the most diverse and representative school board in the history of San Francisco. Our school board members look like the students SFUSD serves and are from our communities. They stand up and fight, show up & work for every community– no matter how small in number they might be.

African American, Chinese American, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Pacific islander, White, men and women are all represented as parents, educators, social workers and community organizers, who are governing for all our communities – and are coming under attack in the recall for it.

The recall people know that when Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx, Middle Eastern and White San Francisco residents come together we are unstoppable. Together we fight and win in the streets, at the ballot box, and at the school board – protecting loved ones from pandemics and winning accessible schools that serve all our students better.

We are working toward and we will eventually get to the equity-centered, racially-just and fully-funded public schools that our children deserve.

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